KiteSurf Camp Thailand 2024
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About us

Our team conducts regular kitesurf camps in Thailand, and all instructors are active athletes who regularly participate in competitions. All instructors have an IKO certificate.

Kitesurfing lessons

Kitesurfing lessons in Thailand(near Hua Hin area - Pak Nam Pran) are suitable for beginners and advanced kite riders who want to improve their jumping technique or start/improve skills with hydrofoil

Accommodation During Camp

Our guests are accommodated in beautiful villas a few minutes' walk from the sea. We have several offers of different types of villas, see more at the link

Kitesurf camp is included

10 hours kite course
Accommodation in great villas
Transfer to/from kite spot
Airport transfer
Group photographer

Dates of kitesurfing camps

We hold kitesurfing every year on the following dates
03.02 - 10.02
10.02 - 17.02
17.02 - 24.02

KiteSurf Camp Prices

Kiteboard lessons & Equipment - 700€
Villa 7 days - 350€
1 week transfer - 100€
Airport Tranfer - 50€
Total - 1200€

Thailand Kitesurf Camps Dates 2024

03.02.2024 - 10.02.2024 Professional Thai Kitesurf camp 1200€
10.02.2024 - 17.02.2024 Beginners Thailand Kitesurf camp 1200€
17.02.2024 - 24.02.2024 Professional Kitesurf camp in Thailand 1200€
24.02.2024 - 02.03.2024 Thailand Kitesurf camp for Beginners 1200€
02.03.2024 - 09.03.2024 Professional Thai Kitesurf camp 1200€
09.03.2024 - 16.03.2024 Beginners Thailand Kitesurf camp 1200€
16.03.2024 - 23.03.2024 Professional Kitesurf camp in Thailand 1200€
23.03.2024 - 30.03.2024 Thailand Kitesurf camp for Beginners 1200€

Kite Lessons with Kitesurf camp Thailand

For Beginner Kiteboard Students

  • Experienced kitesurf instructors will teach you to ride right/left side in +-8-12 hours.

  • Fresh gale wind and comfortable air and water temperatures.

  • Top-quality kiteboarding gear from famous global brands - Core, Eleveight, Duotone.

  • Life jackets, rescue boats, and stable communication make kitesurf lessons safe.

  • The wide sandy beach is ideal for learning kitesurfing, and there is a chill area on the kite spot

For Advanced Kiteboard Students

  • Great kite spot with Low trafik

  • The wind condition is perfect for unhooked progress

  • New Kites & Kiteboards for advanced riders

  • Learn or improve your hydrofoil skills

  • Video recording and detailed analysis of mistakes

Thailand Kitesurf camp schedule


Arrive to Kite Camp - Saturday

    • Transfer from Bangkok to Pak Nam Pran
    • Accommodation in comfortable apartments
    • Getting to know your Instructor
    • A small tour of Pak Nam Pran
    • Dinner + Kiteboarding Intro(30 min)

DAY 2 - 6

Morning and Day Times

    • 7:00 - 8:00 - Kite Yoga
    • 9:00 - Breakfast
    • 10:00 - 12:00 - Kitesurfing lessons
    • 12:00 - 13:00 - Lunch + rest
    • 13:30 - 15:30 - Kitesurfing Lessons

DAY 2 - 6

KiteSurf Camp Evenings

    • Mistakes analysis
    • Two excursions to the surrounding sights
    • Sunset Barbecue
    • Pool Parties


Kite Camp Finish

    • Students receive IKO certificates
    • Students receive videos/photos taken during kite lessons
    • Transfer to Bangkok airport

Thailand Kitesurf Camp Team

KiteSurf Camp Instructors in Thailand
Certified & verified

Our team of instructors boasts impressive credentials as the founders of Yacht Safari, Jolly Kite Thailand, and Kite Academy UA. Each instructor holds IKO certificates and possesses over a decade of teaching experience. At any given time, we have a dedicated team of 5-10 instructors, each specializing in their unique area of expertise, ranging from fundamental kiteboarding techniques to advanced professional jumps and hydrofoil skills. Continuous self-improvement is at the core of our philosophy. Therefore, every year, our instructors enroll in kite courses to enhance their abilities and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. Moreover, we actively offer instructor courses in Thailand, which provide IKO beginners with the opportunity to attain the initial level of an IKO instructor certification.

About Thai KitesurfCamp Intructors

Our Instructors:

Alex - IKO Instructor lvl 1 - 10 years of teaching expirience check more here

Hristina - IKO Instructor lvl 2 - 12 - years of teaching expirience check more here

Pavlo - IKO Instructor lvl 1 - 10 years of teaching expirience check more here

Safety during kite surfing camps

Inrease your skills in:

  • Kiteboarding starts
  • Upwind/Downwind technics
  • Inhoocked kiteboarding jumps
  • Unhoocked kiteboarding jumps
  • Kiteloops
  • Wing foil and Hydrofoiling

Kite camp in Thailand is an extraordinary adventure, with excellent conditions for learning kitesurfing with experienced specialists. Kite camp is suitable for beginners and experienced riders who want to improve their riding level and learn new tricks. Kite camp takes place from February to March - this is the time of the most stable wind in Thailand.

We teach kiteboarding according to the international IKO system, which already has developed full learning process. If you consider all the recommendations of the international community, kitesurfing becomes entirely predictable and almost safe for students.

Basic Exercises during KitesurCamp

Kitesurfing course Introduction - 1 hour

Selection of equipment - one of the crucial things is to select the equipment according to the size of the student and monitor the availability of the necessary kites according to the forecast for the whole kiteboarding week.
Wind and window theory - familiarization with the theory of kite flight, kite movement zones, and introduction to the kite power zone.

Kite Control Learning- usually takes 2-3 hours.

Acquaintance with the parts of the kitesurf equipment
Kite preparation, pumping and lines setup
Launching and lifting the kite from the water
Control the kite with one hand while moving

Kiteboarding curse level 1 - 5 hours

After the student has mastered the control of the kite, the student moves on to an exercise called body drag. When performing this exercise, the student should feel exactly how the kite pulls in the water, as well as perform a practice that allows you to lift a board lost in deep water.

Safety and quick release system - 30 minutes

Each kite has technology that ensures safe riding and kite training. From 30 minutes to one hour, we study and apply techniques that will help us in case of danger.

Kiteboarding course level 2 - 2-3 hours

We move on to exercises with the board, where we will first learn to stand up a little on the board and start moving. In 1-3 hours, people usually begin confidently riding to the right and left.

Kiteboarding Equipment during Thailand Kitesurf Camp

The equipment we use during the KiteSurf Camp in Thailand is modern and reliable, and we use different brands of kites and kiteboards(like Core, Duotone, and Eleveight Kite, etc.) to enable our students in the future to independently choose the brand and model of a kite that will be more suitable for individual parameters.

Kitesurf spot Pak Nam Pran - Hua Hin District

Pak Nam Pran has a long and wide beach with only a few kite schools.

kiteboarding spot Thailand

Wind during kiteboard camp in Thailand

Strong wind, as well as lack of wind, have a terrible effect on the kiteboard course.
If the wind is too strong - every mistake during training can cause damage, while the lack of wind leads to the impossibility of movement on a kiteboard. Thailand is one of the best places to learn and progress in kiteboarding regarding wind conditions.
The wind blows from the north or south (depending on the season) along the coast. The wind season in Thailand is not long but quite intense. The windy season runs from January to the end of March when winds in Pak Nam Pran range from 14-15 knots to 16-18 knots on average.

Kiteboarding lessons prices in Thailand

We offer group and individual kitesurfing lessons. In group classes, students work in pairs, which allows them to analyze their mistakes on the example of another student, which, in many cases, has a positive effect on learning progress.

The total price of the KiteSurf Camp In Thailand is €1,200

Prices for group kiteboarding lessons in Thailand

One hour of training - 70€
Theory + Kite Control - 3 hours of training - €180
Kiteboarding level 1 - 5 hours of training - 300€
Kiteboarding level 2 - 9 hours of training - 500€

Prices for individual kitesurfing lessons in Thailand

One hour of training - 65€
Theory + Kite Control - 3 hours of training - €150
Kiteboarding level 1 - 5 hours of training - 250€
Kiteboarding level 2 - 12 hours of training - 450€
Kiteboarding lvl 3 - 15 hours of training - €550

KiteSurfcamp Transfer

Transfer from the airport:

Our driver will pick you up at Bangkok airport and then take you back; on average, it takes 4 hours from Suvarnabhumi airport to our kite camp.

Transfer during kite safari

We offer delivery to and from the kite spot, but it is better to rent a moped/motorcycle for quick movement in the Pak Nam Prana area. All movements in this location take 3-5 minutes maximum.
It is also possible to rent a car, but there are more convenient transport choices for getting around Thailand.
The traffic in Thailand is crazy, but the area we are in doesn't have a lot of traffic. You also don't have to worry about a driver's license if your home country is a signatory to the Vienna Road Traffic Convention - you shouldn't have any problems getting around in Thailand if you have a driver's license.

Accommodation in KitesurfCamp

Our kite camp is on grand villas with swimming pools and relaxation areas, 3-5 minutes from the sea.
Each villa has 1 - 3 rooms
The area where we live is considered quite safe and developed.
Here you can check our location

We offer One or Two Bedroom Villas for our guests.

kiteboarding spot Thailand
kiteboarding spot Thailand

Photos and videos during the kiteboard camp in Thailand

At each training session, we survey our students, and at the end of the training session, we analyze errors. It is the collective analysis of mistakes that allows you to understand your mistakes better and learn from the mistakes of other students and athletes.

Spending leisure time in a kite camp

Wakeboarding during the kite camp is an excellent opportunity to learn how to get on the board, which will help during the kitesurfing training course. For experienced riders, there is an opportunity to pay more attention to the technique of performing kite jumps.

Bike rides are always adventures with an endless amount of emotions. We always show our guests the mangrove forests and the Buddha statue in the south of our town.
The places around Pak Nam Pran are beautiful, and it is not for nothing that this area is called the Pearl of Thailand.

After the kiteboarding session, you want to rest and relax. Thai massage contributes to this. You can visit a massage salon at the kite spot or order a massage therapist to come to your home.

In our free time from training, we go on excursions to the nearest places, and although we have been there many times, they are still unusual. Including: Nakhon Cave Pak Nam Pran, Pak Nam Pran Dam, Monkey Island, Dolphin Bay, Say Cave near Pak Nam Pran and Khao Kalok Island.

In the evening, we have a barbecue and share the emotions of kite riding. We play ping pong, have bonfires on the beach, and go to local parties. Join our kitesurf camp in Thailand ;)